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 5 Ways To Reject A Candidate Gracefully – Univerca.ca

5 Ways To Reject A Candidate Gracefully – Univerca.ca

While hiring a particular candidate for your job posted you might receive many job applications but after nurturing the job applications of candidates you have to select only one or more than one candidates that you actually require for the job and the rest of the candidates are rejected.

Both employer and candidate know very well rejection is a part of employment and there is no shame if a candidate face rejection or an employer rejects a candidate for a particular job.

Rejecting a candidate that is unsuitable for the job requires good techniques that most big organizations use. 

Keep in mind bad rejection can dramatically damage the reputation of your company in the market that you don’t want it at any cost.

According to jobbio research, 82% of the candidates don’t work with companies that have a bad reputation in the market which is a very large number. 

As an organization, you don’t want to damage your reputation in the market by rejecting unsuitable candidates ungracefully which hurts the candidates and as a result, they leave bad reviews about your organization.

The major mistake most small and large companies are making today is that they are rejecting unsuitable candidates for the job ungracefully which in the end damages their reputation in the market.

Most organizations damage their brand reputation in the market by rejecting unsuitable candidates badly and we’re pretty sure you don’t want to be.

So, in this article, we will discuss the 5 best ways to reject a candidate gracefully which will not hurt the candidate and not damage your organization’s reputation in the market.

5 Best Ways To Reject An Unsuitable Candidate Gracefully:

Here are the 5 best ways to reject an unsuitable candidate for a particular job gracefully that most successful organizations are using nowadays so they can keep a good reputation in the market without hiring the rejected candidate.

By following all these ways you can also reject candidates in a decent way that will not hurt them in any way. So, let’s discuss all these 5 ways to reject a candidate gracefully one by one.

ways to reject candidate gracefully
5 Ways To reject Candidate Gracefully

1. Let The Candidate Know ASAP:

The major mistake that most individual employers and organizations make is they put the rejected candidate on hold even if they are completely sure that the candidates are not suitable for the job. 

Some even wait for their newly hired candidates starts work and then they will inform all the rejected candidates which is very disrespectful.

A candidate whom you reject and didn’t inform yet is waiting to hear from you and not applying for any other job and wasting precious time just because you didn’t inform him/her about the rejection.

So, in order to keep your good reputation in the market you have to inform the rejected candidates as soon as possible just after you hire the candidate who is suitable for the job.

But for those candidates for which you’re completely sure they are not suitable for the job and you haven’t hired a suitable candidate then you should inform them about the rejection before you hire the suitable candidate for the job and you should never put them on hold.

If you respect the candidate’s precious time they will respect yours, so must inform all the rejected candidates as soon as you can so they can start searching for another job.

2. Inform Rejected Candidate Via Phone Or Email:

 A candidate whom you interviewed a few days ago and you decided not to hire them and prefer someone who is fully suitable for the job then pick up your phone and inform the candidate gracefully that you are rejected.

Candidates whom you interviewed are impatiently waiting to hear from you and you don’t have to wait for them for a long time. 

In order to gracefully reject the candidate you always first have to thank the candidate for applying for the job and putting precious time and effort into the interview.

Appreciate the candidate’s interest and tell him/her that you already hired someone else for this job post but we are saving your cv in our records for future hiring.

If any job related to your particular skills will be offered in our organization we will contact you.

If you are informing the candidate via phone call then it’s also a good idea to send an email reiterating this information to the candidate.

3. Briefly Explain To The Candidate:

If you just send this message to the candidate “Sorry, you’re not suitable for this job, we hired someone else who is the best candidate for this job” then it’s not a good practice.

You should always briefly explain to the candidate why you are rejected for this job.

Try to explain the reasons briefly so the candidate can improve himself in the future when applying for other jobs.

In order to reject the candidates gracefully you can send them this message via email or tell them on a phone call. 

“We hired a candidate with more relevant marketing experience while being highly impressed with your abilities”.

Without engaging in a protracted conversation, this will help them identify the areas they need to focus on.

4. Keep It Personalize:

Never reject the candidate something like this “Dear applicant, thanks for your interest in our job application, but we are moving forward with another candidate who is suitable for this job”.

Always include the person’s name and make reference to the topics you discussed throughout the interview. Keep in mind that by disappointing this individual, the least you can do is treat them with deference and attention. Treat people how you would like to be treated.

5. Always Be Honest:

While rejecting the candidate always be honest. If you think you find a more suitable candidate for a particular job than a candidate you reject but you think you can hire this candidate in the near future when there is a new job vacancy available then tell the candidate that currently we hiring another person for this job. Still, we are saving your details for future jobs.

If any job vacancy opens in near future in our organization then we will contact you. But on the other hand, if you think the rejected candidate is not suitable for the current and future job openings then don’t give him/her hope by saying we’ll contact you in near future.

Instead, you should tell the candidate “thanks for giving your time and efforts to our job application, we’re moving forward with another candidate but we wish you the best of luck for your future”.

By saying this rejected candidate will start searching for another job and will always appreciate your honesty.

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